Glenn Mendoza is a physician in the US and Master Pranic Healer. Watch how he has experienced Pranic Healing in sports.

Interviewed: February 2024.

Pranic Healing®️

What is Pranic Healing®️?
Pranic Healing has rapidly emerged as one of the most widely adopted complementary therapies globally, spanning over 120 countries. It represents a remarkable advancement in the field of healing science . Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, psychologists, and complementary therapists are seamlessly integrating Pranic Healing techniques into their conventional medical practices, with amazing results .

This fusion of ancient healing practices and modern scientific principles offers a transformative approach to enhancing both physical and psychological well-being . Notably, Pranic Healing is already implemented in various hospitals and clinics in the USA, England, Chile, India and other regions.

Pranic Healing, an effective energy no-touch healing technique, taps into the inherent healing power within every individual. By harnessing the life energy, or prana, Pranic Healing accelerates the self-healing process, providing relief from ailment. This method focuses on enhancing the natural energy flow within the body, working on the invisible aura and chakras- the energy centers.

Picture the aura as an encompassing force that nourishes the physical body (as well as your emotional and mental body) and the chakras as vital centers drawing in fresh prana and dispelling used-up energy. With Pranic Healing the aura and the chakras are actively cleansed and infused with revitalizing prana. The key lies in purging the body of used-up and diseased energy.

Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui over 40 years ago. He was a successful businessman, father of 4 children and the founder of Modern Pranic Healing. This precious knowledge is found in countless books that have been translated into over 27 languages ​​around the world.

Why choose Pranic Healing Treatments

  • Tailored for You : Our expert Pranic Healers customize the sessions to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with your physical, professional and life goals.
  • Energy Booster : Experience a surge of energy that enhances your performance, your overall vitality and accelerates recovery.
  • Holistic Approach : Pranic Healing is addressing physical, emotional, and mental aspects simultaneously and by harmonizing them, a robust foundation for healing, complementing both physical therapy and psychological counseling is built.
  • Innovative Approach : Integrating energy healing into sports and medicine represents an innovative approach. New challenges need new solutions!

Ready for the Next Level? Remove the the game!
Why settle for he ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Discover the fusion of Pranic Healing and sports. Contact us now, let's embark on a journey and elevate your game with Pranic Healing- as you deserve nothing less.

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